Unique Gift Shop in Knoxville, TN

Since 2009, it has been my mission to create a unique artisan gift shop that supports local, Tennessee, artisans.  Knoxville Soap, Candle, & Gifts operates at 70 percent local, handmade and one of kind items.  The remaining 30 percent of  the merchandise is hand picked and only available in limited quantities.  Walking into Knoxville Soap, Candle, & Gifts is like a treasure hunt, you never know what you will find but you’re sure to be well pleased with your discoveries.

With over 50 local artists, the variety and attention to detail is truly a unique experience.  I believe in supporting local vendors and helping to educate the community on the importance of shopping small and staying local.  When you shop with Knoxville Soap, Candle, & Gifts, it helps to support and put food on the tables of many local families.  Each piece of merchandise is created with love and hand selected for your personal or gift giving needs.  Come and enjoy a variety of unique, high quality handmade soaps, candles, handbags, scarves, pottery, glassware, jewelry, original art, florals, local photography, local authors, handmade cards  and more! 


Artisan Gift Shop